we support the
children of haiti
by providing access
to healthcare
supporting them
through education
and giving them a
safe place to be kids

"We came to make the world a little bit better. To give Hope, to give Light, to give laughter, to give change, to give these kids a chance Through Health, Education, and Sports. We will show them the way to achieve a successful life and teach them they can be great when they never heard it before. We won’t give up!"

Our Mission

Clean Hands for Haiti is dedicated to supporting girls and boys living in poverty throughout Haiti. Since 2010, we have provided educational scholarships and access to basic social services for children and their families.

We are committed to providing health and dental services, free of charge, to children in Haiti. Since 2015, we have provided free dental cleanings, and emergency dental care to more than 100 kids.
We are committed to providing education opportunities for kids who would otherwise not be able to go to school. We currently sponsor 19 students to go to school in Haiti, providing them with tuition, books, uniforms, and other school supplies.
Sports is a unique way of creating opportunities for youth to be part of a family atmosphere, no matter the gender, ethnicity, size, or location. Given the circumstances in Haiti, we believe sports can be a major resource for gathering a community.