Our Mission

Even though A&M, through the support of families in the United States, has been giving back to Haiti since 2010 by sending 2-4 barrels of clothes, shoes, towels, basketballs, soccer balls, books, and toys every year to impoverish Haitian families. Clean Hands for Haiti was really inspired by an 11 year old little girl named of “Clerona”, who would wake up in the early dawn to cook, clean, and do household chores while other kids her age were doing things that most kids would do, like attend school.

In 2013, A&M first sponsored Clerona and then later 9 other children by providing them: tuition for school; school uniforms and shoes; and school supplies. Clerona’s daily actions defined one of our key tenets Grit, achieving amazing heights despite her many obstacles. Because of Clerona’s actions and work ethic in the classroom, she opened doors for other children in Haiti to attend school and focus on obtaining their education.  As of 2016, A&M is sponsoring a total of 19 students in Haiti.

Why Haiti

Because of the harsh and desperate conditions of daily life in Haiti, children have to grow up fast and take on more responsibilities than the average child to survive. Also living in such dire conditions, memories are often painful and traumatic.

Based on P81 Haiti relief poverty statistics, 50% of children are able to attend school and 20% have a 6th grade education or better. The average person in Haiti eats an average of 1 meal per day, while most people in the United States are over weight because of eating too much. Children already have difficulty staying focused on school work while in school, so imagine how more difficult it is when they are hungry. If a child is unable to attend school, especially in Haiti, more than likely that child will have greater troubles in life.

Many kids in Haiti may not have the opportunity to attend school or have a chance to get an education. So A&M is giving back by supporting as many impoverished children in Haiti as possible. Currently, there are thousands of children in Haiti, especially after the devastating earthquake in 2010, that are experiencing those dire conditions. Clean Hands for Haiti was established to assist Haitian children and families in need.


Ray Abellard

Joissaint Abellard
Program Director

Andre Murray

Rosemond Abellard
Program Coordinator

Patrick Morin
CLH Ambassador

Mergine Baron
Haitian Teacher

Dr. Clarence Loflin
Dentist in U.S.

Dr. Stephanie Supplice
Dentist in Haiti

Lexi Namer
Visual Communications

Gio Abellard