Building and Rebuilding

The Clean Hands for Haiti Community Center is located in Carrefour, Bizoton, Haiti. The neighborhood is very poor and ill-serviced as it is one of the worst neighborhoods in Haiti. No one really wants to open any meaningful businesses in this town because of the harsh appearance and the slow development, especially after the earthquake. With the intention of revitalizing the district, A&M Sports Academy opened the Center to serve as an outlet for the children in the neighborhood.

Our objective is to provide children ages 3+ with the emotional and financial support to succeed in school. With our support, students are able to set, pursue and achieve their goals – goals that might otherwise be unattainable because of economic disadvantages. The Center stands a source of pride for us and the community. The center is a beacon of what Clean Hands for Haiti represents, made possible with donations of time, money and resources from our supporters.

CLH Students and Staff at the Community Center, 2016

A Haven for Gathering

Opened in 2015, the Center provides a safe, sanitary place for children and their families to gather for study and play.

In 2016, Clean Hands for Haiti returned to improve and expand the center’s services. In partnership with two local Haitian artists and over 50 members of the Carrefour community, we painted the wall leading up to the Clean Hands for Haiti Community Center, giving the exterior life to match the vitality inside.  With donor support, we installed a generator dedicated to keeping the center operating. “Even before the paint was dry, passers by stopped to look and take pride.” 

A Haven for Learning

Since 2015, The Clean Hands for Haiti Community Center has given students access to a licensed teacher for educational support outside school.

In 2016, with the generous support of Mission Capital Advisors, we added a computer lab and Internet access to the center. In a country where only 10% of the population has Internet access, our computer lab provides vital support to students’ academic success and to their awareness of the world and all it offers. 

A Place for Leadership

In 2016, Clean Hands for Haiti held its very first Leadership Seminar in the Community Center. The keynote speaker was Sebastian Petion, a former D1 basketball player at Winthrop University and now current lives in Haiti. Sebastian played Semi-Pro basketball for Bongú basketball club which is one of the top 2 teams in Haiti and now is the Head coach for Bongú Men basketball club. In addition, Sebastian works as a producer and photographer for CBS 60mins, and works with underprivileged Haitian Student athletes in Haiti.

In 2017, Ms. Lisa James, a teacher from at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in New York City, came and spoke to the children. Ms. James also donated a projector and art and school supplies to the community center.

Future Goals

The success of the Clean Hands for Haiti Community Center and access to licensed health and dental professionals are a powerful combination. For our next visit, we plan to dedicate space in our community center where children and their families can access information about health and dental care.

Our health lab will provide staff, ongoing information, access to tooth brushes and other hygiene products. To support the importance of nutrition and eating properly, we will provide access to healthy snacks. And to support our continued commitment to well being, we will dedicate space for our nurses and dentists to return each year to provide check-ups and educational sessions.

As always, our success depends on the generous support of our donors and volunteers.