Education Initiatives

Clean Hands for Haiti has long emphasized the importance of education. We place a key focus on providing educational opportunities to children who would otherwise not be able to go to school. Our main mission is to focus on giving a child who does not have the means an opportunity to attend school. Haitian students are the key components of this mission and the objective is to provide them with emotional and financial support in schools where they are able to excel and obtain their personal vision, because they are economically disadvantaged.

Our objective is to provide children ages 3+ with the emotional and financial support to succeed in school. With our support, students are able to set, pursue and achieve their goals – goals that might otherwise be unattainable because of economic disadvantages.

Meet the Students

Through the generous support of our donors, Clean Hands for Haiti currently sponsors 18 students with tuition, clothing, backpacks and school supplies. We have provided teachers committed to educating Haiti’s children. Our Community Center affords students a safe, clean place to study, and its newly opened computer lab opens the world to these children.

Dayana Joseph, Kindergarten, College Mixte Union

Rebecca Sedney, Grade 10, College Moderne Frere

Youdianie Sama Augustin, Grade 10, College Mixte Barolette

Regina Lormil, Kindergarten, Jean Chenier Gourdet

Jean Mara, Kindergarten, Foyer des Ecoliers

Clauvens Augustin, Grade 7, Wonderful Miracle College

Jean Jovensky, Grade 5, Foyer des Ecoliers School

Yves Amstrong Abellard, Grade 1, Jardin du Savoir

Junior Jean Philippe, Grade 12

Saviola Jean, Grade 5, Advetise Orion School in Haiti

Jean Marie Abellard, Grade 12, College Jean Edy Etienne

Samuel Céné , University, Unitech

Clerona Belange, Grade 4 at Foyer des Ecoliers

Steve Louissaint, Grade 4, Lekol Jean 23 School

Fennelson Victor, Grade 6, Kolej Advantis Orion

Ramouncho Ethéard, Grade 2, Kolej Advantis Orion

Urnisse Cadet, Grade 3, Kolej Advantis Orion School

Joissaint Abellard, Grade 12, College Pedagogique

Students of the Year 2016

The Clean Hands for Haiti 2016 Students of the year were Fenelson Victor and Urnisse Cadet, in recognition of their academic progress through hard work and persistence, as well as consistent dedication to our program and its objectives.


Students of the Year 2015

The Clean Hands for Haiti 2015 Students of the year were Steve Louissaint and Clerona Belanger, who were ranked 2nd and 3rd academically in their entire schools.