Why Health?

Annual visits to the doctor or dentist, good hygiene, healthy eating: Children in developed countries learn these habits at an early age. In Haiti, however, many children do not have access to medical or dental care, or the knowledge of good hygiene and health practices. Clean Hands for Haiti, in collaboration with A&M Sports Academy and volunteers, have introduced and delivered access – often for the first time - to these basic services. Volunteer nurses and dentists, donated dental supplies and donated healthy snacks help support our efforts to raise and maintain awareness of well being.

Clean Hands for Haiti is committed to ensuring good health for all kids. By providing access to health check-ups, dental clinics and learning seminars, we can help ensure children receive the education, support and tools that they need to live a healthy life.

Health and Dental Services

Our annual visit includes access to a health screen and dental check-up. Licensed nurses conduct health checks and discuss healthy practices with the students. Children gain the knowledge and tools to understand the importance of diet and hygiene in overall well being.

With generous support from Citi Dental Group in New York, Clean Hands for Haiti remains dedicated to providing oral health services and support. Since 2015, our partnership has provided free oral health screenings and basic dental services during our visits. In 2016, we held two days of dental care at the Smile Dental Clinic, providing dental cleanings, fillings and education for our students. 

Supplies and Tools

The success of the Clean Hands for Haiti Community Center and access to licensed health and dental professionals are a powerful combination. For our next visit, we plan to dedicate space in our community center where children and their families can access information about health and dental care.

Our health lab will provide staff, ongoing information, access to tooth brushes and other hygiene products. To support the importance of nutrition and eating properly, we will provide access to healthy snacks. And to support our continued commitment to well being, we will dedicate space for our nurses and dentists to return each year to provide check-ups and educational sessions.

As always, our success depends on the generous support of our donors and volunteers.