Learning Through Playing

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, over 80 percents of the people live in poverty(According to the CIA World Fact-book). Sports is a unique way of creating opportunities for youth to be part of a family atmosphere, no matter the gender, ethnicity, or size. Playing a sport with friends and being coached by responsible caring adults, the path of many can be positively change.

Sports give Haiti’s youth the opportunity to be part of a “family” no matter gender, size, ethnicity or skill level. Playing a sport with friends and being coached by responsible, caring adults can help change the path of many disadvantaged youth. Sports help to instill teamwork, camaraderie, unselfishness, leadership in participants, and A&M’s five key tenets; Confidence, Respect, Grit, Determination, and Loyalty. In Haiti, sports play a key in building community.

Recognition Banquet

Our May 2016 visit included our second annual Clean Hands for Haiti banquet dinner, highlighting not only our accomplishments, but also those of the participants in our clinics and competitions. The evening brought together students and families in a celebration of hard work and perseverance as a means to better opportunity.

This year, awards and gifts were handed out to all, including the helpers who made it possible and the naming of our 2016 Students of the year.

2016- Carrefour, Haiti

Basketball to Uplift the Youth of Haiti

2015- St Marc, Haiti

Lycée Stenio Vincent School

2014- Hinche, Haiti

Kids of Hinche

2014- Port au Prince, Haiti

Castor Club adult basketball team