1st Annual Trip

Since a devastating earthquake struck in 2010, Clean Hands for Haiti has been giving back to Haitian youth with a basketball centered program that provides much more. We provide educational scholarships and basic social services to 18 Haitian students so that they can attend school.

A&M’s first official CLH trip to Haiti was in 2014. During the 5 day trip we conducted basketball clinics in the towns of Hinche and Port Au Prince. In addition to teaching basketball, A&M donated school supplies, clothing, and shoes to more than 100 children. Most of the children in Hinche had never been seen by a medical professional, and many didn't know their basic vitals such as weight and height. During the health screenings, the children were also educated on better hygiene and healthy eating.

We also visited the homes of each of our sponsored students to meet their families and learn more about how they live and the challenges they might face on a daily basis. After assessing that one of the biggest hurdles these students have is a quiet and productive place to focus on their studies, we decided to focus our efforts on creating a local community center, which opened that same year.

The first annual trip was vital in giving us a foundation to guide our subsequent trips to be most effective for what the students actually need. Additionally, it has shaped our entire Clean Hands for Haiti program by identifying the biggest needs and wishes of these kids.

Please watch our video from the trip below: