Educational Trip

Our 4th annual Clean Hands for Haiti trip took place in May 2017. Each year during our visit to Haiti, we strive to provide the children with an experience that they will be able to use as inspiration to continue to strive in their lives. On this trip, we had the pleasure of hosting a tour of the historic Citadel Laferrière located in Cap-Haitien.

For all of the children, the tour to the Citadel marked the first time they visited the fortress and the majority of them have never left the town of Port Au Prince.

Visiting the fortress and learning about the incredible sacrifices and achievements of their country's heros was a great way to reinforce the belief we want them to have that they can achieve success in their lives.

A Taste of Culture

The culmination of each trip to Haiti is a formal awards dinner to acknowledge and honor the hard work the students are putting forth in the classroom.

This year our banquet was held at Chicken Fiesta in Petionville. During the festivities, we were blessed by a moving performance by Smax Music, a well known Haitian musician who travels the world spreading his message through beautiful songs of positivity. The majority of our students have never been to a live music concert, and they were able only to listen to Smax Music play, but meet him and ask him questions about his experiences and lives. 

One of our education missions is to expose students to different cultures and people that they have never had the opportunity to meet, in hopes that it will inspire them, give them hope, and motivate them to study hard and follow their passions and dreams. 

Community Oriented

During our trip, we facilitated our 1st dental triage which was held at our community center in Bizoton, Carrefour in the capital of Port au Prince. With the tireless efforts of Dr. Clarence Loflin of CitiDental Group, all of A&M's 18 sponsored students and their parents were able to receive dental care. It is our most sincere hope that next year we will be able to bring an implant specialist with us to keep the smiles on the faces of our students and their parents.

In addition to the dental services administered, A&M, through the generous efforts of Dr. Marie I. Parent, a local pediatrician, was able to provide the students and their parents medical triage. Everyone was given a complete check-up as well as much needed vitamins.

One of the most memorable parts of our trip was the painting of the wall outside of our community center. This was truly a community effort in that everyone participated.  Our staff, volunteers, children and their families all grabbed brushes to help create what we felt was a true representation of Light, Life and Hope to the community of Carrefour, Bizoton, Haiti.